The word “pain” curates a lot of negative emotions, which people avoid at all costs. However, what if this feeling could actually be beneficial to your growth as an individual? We spoke with Kaili Spear, a motivational speaker and podcast host, about embracing pain. 

Our brains do not like feeling pain both emotionally and physically. In fact, it goes out of its way to protect us from it by reminding us of the negativity associated with a specific painful experience. Many people suppress this emotion through keeping busy, or flat out ignoring it all together. According to Spear, “Pain is very patient, it will be there waiting for you.” She says that while it is ok to go into survival mode, leaving room to feel this pain will help you in the long run. She emphasizes the importance of not running away from your emotions and allowing yourself to become numb. This habit of fleeing from your feelings inevitably prolongs suffering. “When you stop being afraid of pain and start to embrace its role, you stop being afraid of being vulnerable.” Spear states that by allowing yourself to feel pain, other emotions become more powerful and pleasurable.

Spears 3 key tips to become vulnerable by embracing pain are to first, understand the purpose of pain. By drawing attention to the purpose of the pain, we can analyze the role it will play and how we can learn from it. Her second tip is to stop running and allow those emotions to be felt. Finally, allow yourself to feel like you had a win. Doing something to make yourself feel as though you have benefited, such as working out or buying a new outfit, is vital in our emotional journey. 

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