Mental health therapist Erin Shepard, LCSW joined us today with wonderful tips for a healthy mindset during this tough time we’re all living through.

Briefly develop the idea of a growth mindset vs a fixed mindset

  • That having a growth mindset comes from the underlying belief that growth happens over time and all experiences contribute to growth. 
  • The opposite of a growth mindset is a fixed mindset which comes from the underlying belief things are fixed, something is either a successful experience or a complete failure.  High pressure with a narrow focus to evaluate results.
  • It is important we cultivate a growth mindset when whenever possible for healthy emotional wellness.

Interactive Activity
On a beach ball, Erin wrote several simple concepts we actively think to create memorable vacations. That we can practice using every day to create the same kind of enjoyment we get on vacation.   We will take turns passing the ball. When you catch it whichever phrase your hand is touching say it out loud and we can talk about how that phrase can serve you. 
GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION Most of the time when we are on vacation we give ourselves permission to; sleep in, stay up late, enjoy conversation, disconnect, etc. This works because we know its only for a brief time…we can take those same kinds of breaks by giving ourselves permission for set amounts of time.
ADVENTURE OVER ROUTINE Part of the fun of a vacation is the unknown, the process, the journey. In our day to day life, it’s OK to know now how everything will go exactly, where we will end up. Take a drive, take an afternoon, and chose adventure over routine.
PLAN WITH INTENTION Wear your favorite hat during the day, wear your favorite piece of jewelry to dinner, think about what you want not just what you need. We plan vacations to indulge. Work hard to play hard. We can do this on smaller scales anytime we choose but it does require a little more intention when we mix it into our daily lives.
CREATE EXPERIENCES Set aside certain times for specific things that are important to you…not just must do’s but want to’s. Think about how you can separate your weekends for your weekdays.
DO YOURSELF A FAVOR KEEP IT SIMPLE Choose a few things that are important, make sacrifice and time for those things without feeling pressure and pull to “fit it all in.”

Closing: Each of these phrases invites the idea of having a growth mindset. Which allows experiences to contribute to our growth bit by bit. The purpose of a vacation is the chance to take a break to recharge and rejuvenate but don’t short yourself those pleasures, get creative, focus on the purpose and realize the destination is just the way you get there but the gift of relaxation, memories and strengthening relationships come from the mindset we have to enjoy the moments.

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