Ganel-Lyn Condie tells us that our triggers are the teachers, that each day brings the opportunity to learn. Triggers are the relationships and experiences that just set us off. Triggers could be: jealousy, comparisons, boundary violations, personalities, and trauma. It is frustrating when we find ourselves reacting over and over again to triggers instead of acting.

What steps can we take so we aren’t taken down by the triggers and instead taught by them?

  1. Speak the trigger out loud (Trusted friend, therapist, or coach).
  2. Identify the buried belief. What is the fear?
  3. Feel that feelings. Let it flow not stick. Be a water faucet, not velcro.
  4. Prayer or mantras are great was to shift the energy around a trigger. Turn to a source bigger than the trigger.
  5. Speak to truth. If the fear is “I will never have what they have.” Reframe with, “I am unique and my path looks differently. Miracles are possible for me.”

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