SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Good Things Utah) – Joshua Lisec, Wall Street Journal bestselling ghostwriter and certified hypnotist joined GTU for an interview to explain what a ghostwriter is and why Price Harry’s ghostwriter crossed the line. 

A ghostwriter is someone who writes a piece under someone else’s name. The ghost writer’s main job is to eliminate ideas that are not going to work within an author’s piece.

Lisec speaks out on the controversy regarding Prince Harry’s ghostwriter. He explains that Harry’s ghostwriter revealing details about Prince Harry’s personal life is unfortunate because it takes the spotlight off of Harry’s book and immediately spotlights the ghostwriter, creating unnecessary rift and controversy. 

Lisec explains the importance of ghostwriters remaining in the background of authors’ stories because otherwise, it feels as if the ghostwriter is purposefully taking the attention away from the author. It results in ghostwriters riding the coattails, receiving interviews, and often ends in them trashing their clients. It makes the author look bad and sends a negative message to the future clients of the ghostwriter. 

However, Lisec touches on how to respect the vision of his client while disagreeing with the author and explaining why they should or shouldn’t include something in their work. It is important to remind the author that they are writing the book for the readers and their piece needs to please their intended audience. To learn more about ghostwriting visit Josh Lisec’s website at and check out his Twitter @JoshuaLisec