SALT LAKE CITY, UT – (GOOD THINGS UTAH) If you struggle communicating with your teenager, this is for you. Natalie DeGering joined us on the show to enlighten the older crowd on some Gen Z language, so the confusion stops here. Here are some terms that can help you translate what they are saying.  

Era – it is all about romanticizing your life. For example, “I’m in my crafting Era”. You would use this if you had been making tons of cards recently 

Rizz – when a guy tries to impress a girl. For example, “You totally rizzed her up”. It can be used as a verb but it’s mostly a joke and can be played with.  

W- a shorter way to say win. For example, “that’s a W”. It can be used in sentences that win can’t be used in.  

Lowks – a shorter way to say lowkey. You can just say this without it being in a sentence. It’s sort of a different word for “kind of”.  

Goodbye or bye – It is used in a different way than normal. If you were to not like something you would say goodbye. For example, “Hey there’s a test today” “Goodbye”. 

I’m Screaming – it’s a way to say you’re so excited or scared. It’s used over text a lot, but it can also be used in person. For example, “I’m gonna be there” “I’m Screaming”. 

They left no crumbs – It’s just a different way to say drop the mic. For example, if someone were to say something super meaningful that everyone went quiet you would say “they left no crumbs” 

For more translations of these Gen Z kid’s language, search it on google. Or don’t.