SALT LAKE CITY, UT – (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Spring is on its way and nature is waking up. Learn about nature this spring in Ogden. Every Wednesday the Ogden Nature Center puts on a Wild Wednesday. Wild Wednesdays are informal programs that teach about the full ecology of our region. Programs have a different theme each week and range from meeting and learning about live birds of prey and other Utah animal species, to taking short, easy hikes to learn about the flora and fauna at the nature pre­serve. Each program is about 20 minutes long with free time to explore the Nature center on your own. All ages are welcome, and the rates are affordable. If you are a member, it is free. 

Adults: $5 

Children: $3 

Going to Wild Wednesdays will help your kids experience and learn about the outdoors. With the help of a nature expert, it will teach them what’s in the world around them. With the spring and summer coming it is a great opportunity to go outside and get some fresh air. For more information check out their website and social media.  

Today Heidi Christensen came to talk about their Nature Reserve. Ogden Nature reserve is a 150-acre nature preserve with indoor and outdoor exhibits. They do school field trips, cool events, and other learning opportunities. You can find a calendar for their events on their website. Plus, she brought a western screech owl named blue, his name is blue because the original people who rescued him gave him blue Gatorade and he was dyed blue for a bit.