Wine and dine all for a good cause. Matthew Pfohl, founder and executive director of One Small Miracle, and Jim Santangelo, founder of the Wine Academy of Utah stopped by GTU to chat about their upcoming event. Together they are partnering up for a fun and engaging class that will explore the Manhattan Cocktail at Gallivan Hall in downtown Salt Lake City. This event called ‘The Manhattan Experience’ is happening on Sunday October 9th from 3pm to 5pm. The class will celebrate the classic Manhattan cocktail through its history, lore, and technique. All proceeds will benefit One Small Miracle’s effort in supporting the professionals of Utah’s service and hospitality industry. For more information on where to donate or get tickets check out their social media. 

Instagram: @beonesmallmiracle 

Facebook: @onesmallmiracle  

Instagram: @wineacademyofut