SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Good Things Utah) – If your interested in a career in healthcare and nursing in particular, Nightingale College may be the course to take to achieve your goals. Based in Salt Lake City, Nightingale College offers programs that start from the Practical Nurse Diploma program all through the Master of Nursing and Family Nurse Practitioner Program.

Nurses are in high demand due to a national shortage of working, quality-trained nurses. Hospitals, long-term care providers and other health facilities are in dire need of qualified, dedicated and compassionate nurses who feel the calling to serve their community.

Unlike traditional nursing schools, Nightingale College’s unique model means life won’t get in the way of becoming a nurse.

  • Despite the demand, many nursing schools have long waitlists which means some students could wait months or even years to get started. Many also require students to be on-campus for classroom instruction, which sometimes means long commutes and time away from work or family.
  • Nightingale College is working to help solve the nursing shortage and improve health outcomes, by providing opportunities to those who may not otherwise have access to nursing education because of where they live or life circumstances.
  • Nightingale College’s model is different. All of the classroom instruction is online, and combined with on-ground supervised on-ground clinical rotations. Nightingale College also integrates technology-based learning tools that ensure learners have all they need to succeed as a nurse, without life getting in the way.

Nightingale College is a leader in using advanced technology to educate high quality nurses.

  • Nightingale College integrates technology-based learning tools such as, high-fidelity simulation, interactive learning modules and learning management systems that bring a modern educational approach.
  • Students are able to practice their skills so that when they graduate they’re fully proficient and feel confident in their abilities.
  • Nightingale College provides students with realistic case-based experiential learning through virtual reality headsets and computer-based virtual simulation scenarios. This gives learners the chance to practice their skills as often as they need.
  • The college supplies students with learner kits that are sent to their homes with each individual course. Learners have VR goggles, mannequins and tools and resources that they would have in a clinical setting so that they can also practice those skills at home – in addition to ebooks and other technology needed for online learning.

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