Kenny Akers tells us why love is the answer

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Kenny Akers is a Utah man who stood in front of a 7-11 in Salt Lake City last weekend, and stopped looters from causing more damage to the business. Since his stand, his phone has been ringing off the hook with people wanting to meet, and know more about him. Some are even suggesting he run for office! We were honored to have him as our guest this morning to share his inspiring message.

“Listen to me, as a black man. This isn’t the answer. This isn’t it. This isn’t how we do it. Protest all you want. Protest all you want. Violence is not going to get us nowhere.” These are the words you can hear Kenny speak in the video that quickly went viral on social media.

Last Saturday he was home with his boys when he started receiving messages, and images of the protesting and rioting that happening in SLC, and he was immediately compelled to go to the scene. Not knowing what could potentially happen, he went barehanded. With only his heart, voice, and words on the matter. With his powerful words, he was able to stop the 7-11 from being further looted. When Kenny spoke, the crowd listened.

We agree, violence is not the answer. But what is? When asked, Kenny replies with, “love. Love’s the answer. We all understand that language, and we get hate confused. And that’s really, honestly, what it is. We have to spread love. If we love each other, and we’re looking for an answer in regards to a problem, if somebody’s hurt, we want to love them. That’s the only natural thing to do, and I don’t know why it’s getting so confused.”

Listen to Kenny’s full message, and find him on social media: @keneakers and

7-11 Footage courtesy of Lyman Wynn.

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