Keeping your living spaces organized during the busy holiday season

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Courtney Clark from Set the Stage is back in the studio and has some helpful tips for staying organized during the holidays. Her goal is to help people love their space and at this time of year we all spend a lot of time in our homes and our cars, so today she is sharing products that will make our lives easier.

The first product she showed was a trunk organizer. It has different compartments you can use to organize different things. One of them is a cooler that you can keep warm or cool drinks in for those long car rides. Clark also mentioned that she hides gifts she has gotten for her kids in this because it zips right up. She also shared a helpful life hack. She advises keeping a couple of simple gifts on hand with wrapping supplies for those moments when you need to give someone a gift.

She also shared large zip-up bags you can use to hide all the Santa gifts in. It has handles and a backpack to help you transport gifts. You can also take these Black Friday Shopping to help carry all your goods. You can find the links for these products and more helpful tips on her Instagram and website.

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