Salt Lake City, Utah (Good Things Utah) — With only days left in their Holiday Food Bag program, USANA Kids Eat Director Michelle Benedict and team are helping hungry kids in Utah get the meals they need for the winter school break. 

For many families, in fact for any family, all it takes is one setback, either job loss, illness, or death, and the financial toll can last for years, if not for generations. USANA Health Sciences is a global health company that operates in 24 markets around the world.

The USANA Foundation started USANA Kids Eat to help address the issue that 1 in 7 Utah kids are food insecure. Utah kids’ hunger situation still feeling the effects of the pandemic, which has increased prices on everything.

100% of each dollar goes toward food for kids, but the dollar isn’t going as far as before.  With 1 in 7 Utah children with insufficient or no food every day, USANA is facing the following issues.

  • Almost 14,000 students in Salt Lake City schools don’t know where their next meal will come from.
  • 56,000 Salt Lake Valley children qualify for free or reduced-price school lunches – and 20%–25% – require weekend food aid.  
  • USANA Kids Eat is working to help change that. 
    • So far this year, they have delivered more than 395,000 meals to children in 65 schools from Ogden to Herriman.

USANA Kids has shared many times with us how kids feel when they receive food bags and it’s truly heartwarming to hear that they’re thrilled and grateful. And at the same time, it’s sad to hear that many children say the weekly food bag is the only consistent thing in their lives.

People who volunteer and help say’ that “It’s tender to see the smiles and relief, knowing they will have food to eat.”

  • One student told her teacher, “For the first time since my mom started her new job (working weekends) me and my sister can eat something for lunch and don’t have to wait for dinner!
  • One student wrote on his goal sheet “to be able to work and save money.” When asked why, he said, “So I can help buy food for kids that are hungry because someone buys food for me.” 

If you would like to volunteer or donate, visit the USANA kids eat website.

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