“Family Binds” are custom made children’s books created by Husband and wife, Jonathan and Meeshell Helas. The Helas felt inspired to keep family legacies alive through children’s books that can help keep the memories alive of our ancestors instead of just asking about ancestors. This can help future generations and posterity know about their deceased loved ones they may not have had the chance to know. They make amazing gifts for any member of the family.

Inspired by her experience with her aging grandmother, Meeshell felt this was a great way to keep loved one’s legacies alive and give children knowledge and a sense of belonging in their family tree. Ancestors are completely forgotten about after just three generations. While The Helas do not have children yet, they are hopeful the book about Meeshell’s grandmother will be a casual bedtime story that they can share with little ones to honor her and help answer any questions anyone might have.

Their website allows you to create a book about your loved one by inputting their name, selecting an avatar that looks like them, and multiple story templates you can add for their story. These books are now available on preorder on their Kickstarter where you can receive $15 off a printed book.

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