Milada Copeland and Leita Kingsland discussed their Color Country Animal Welfare center located in Wayne County, Utah.  

The welfare facility’s grand opening is happening this weekend, with the welfare center having been founded in 2009 and the land for the facility purchased in 2015, after seven years of fundraising the nonprofit is open for tourists and travelers to board their dogs, they said. Pet owners can board their dogs on a 24-hour reservation cycle and can pick up or drop off their dogs at any time with paid staffers at the facility there to take care of your pet’s needs.  

The facility which also doubles as a rescue center takes care to separate the boarded dogs from rescue dogs with a separate air circulation system as well until rescued dog’s vaccination status can be confirmed. The facility operates under a “fear-free” environment standards which means using wide entrances for dogs, colors that are pleasing to dogs and ensuring that the dogs boarded and their owners can be completely comfortable.  

For travelers headed down to Capitol Reef National Park that can’t take their dogs on trails with them, you can find more information on the facility at their website and connect with them on Instagram at @colorcountryanimalwelfare  

You can also reach them by phone at 435-491-2050