SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (Good Things Utah) – When you hear the words “Life Flight” or “Air Med” you probably think about a medical helicopter with a big red cross on it. What you might not know is how these kinds of life saving services started.

Discover the captivating origins of life-saving services with a sneak peek into the remarkable story. With a group of six Vietnam Veterans who came from all over the country for a reunion of the 159th Dustoff Medical Evacuation Unit.

In a heartwarming “Family Heritage Stories” episode of Jessop’s Journal airing the Sunday after Thanksgiving at 12:00PM, these Vietnam Veterans share tales of heroism and resilience from their time in service, revealing the roots of modern medical helicopter operations.

Witness the selflessness of pilots and medics who, with a motto of “Anytime. Anyone. Anywhere.,” embarked on more than 1,000 missions, saving more than 3,000 lives. Don’t miss this extraordinary tribute to these unsung heroes, showcasing their dedication to preserving life over conflict.

For those eager to immortalize their own tales, storyteller Doug Jessop and Family Heritage Stories offers a unique opportunity to share and preserve your family history. You’ll step into a professional video studio, share your narrative, and ensure your stories are told and preserved for generations to come.

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