The Advocates at Driggs, Bills & Day want to shine the spotlight on people throughout Utah who have gone the extra mile to do the right thing. Whether these people have saved the lives of others, helped those in financial need, or simply acted as a friend for someone who needed to be cared for, the Advocates would like to hear about them.

This month’s Community Advocate is Jeanetta Williams.

Jeanetta is president of the NAACP Salt Lake Branch, NAACP Tri-State Conference of Idaho, Nevada, and Utah and a former member of the NAACP National Board of Directors.

She led the successful effort to change Utah’s Human Rights Day to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day during the 2000 Legislative session. She also assisted Legislators in 2007 with the passage of Legislation to change Utah’s Constitution start day of the legislative session from the third Monday in January to the fourth Monday. 

Jeanetta has served on numerous boards and commissions and is a former member of the Utah State Bar Ethics and Discipline Committee, investigating grievances against Lawyers. 

She was one of 6 individuals to sign a petition to force Vouchers on the ballot in Utah, November 2007. The initiative was won by 62% of the voters. January 2008, the Utah School Boards Association recognized Jeanetta for her involvement with the anti-voucher movement and awarded her a Lifetime Achievement Award and July 2008, she was awarded, “The Keeper of the Flame” award at the NAACP National Convention by the Labor Unions at their luncheon. 

Jeanetta led efforts after the death of Rosa Parks to work with City Council’s to name streets in Utah to honor Rosa Parks. Streets bearing Rosa Park’s name are in Salt Lake City (largest City in Utah), West Jordan (4th largest City in Utah) and West Valley City (2nd largest City). A bench in Sandy, Utah (6th largest City in Utah) was dedicated with its Rosa Parks inscription, is now located on a frequented walking path at the Sandy Amphitheater for the annual 35,000 visitors to enjoy, along with the 9/11 monument.

Jeanetta retired from US West Communications and Utah Transit Authority. She has an MBA and all of her work as President of the NAACP is voluntary. 

 Do you know a person who has helped someone in need?

If you have, please fill out the form to nominate a good Samaritan you know. The most generous nominee will be selected and announced on Good Things Utah weekly. Each month, a new winner will be featured on Good Things Utah as a recognition for their service. They will also receive a gift certificate for dinner and a movie.

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