SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — NYT bestselling author, Jason Wright has published books including Christmas Jars, Even the Dog Knows, and several others. He joined us live via zoom to share about his latest project, Scar Dakota.

Based on the story of his adolescence, Scar Dakota outlines the life of a young boy who moves from North Carolina to Utah. He has undergone loss and is now faced with the reality of starting life in a new school. The scar on his face represents the burdens he carries and the book outlines his ability to heal and talk about the scars that often aren’t seen.

The inspiring story has faced scrutiny from publishers wanting to change the lead character from a boy to a girl to meet “industry standards”. Wright shared his experience and inspiration for the story which resulted in the decision to stay true to the vision he had to write a story through the lens of his life as a middle schooler.

Scar Dakota has launched on Kickstarter, and Wright will be participating in a tour of Utah schools sharing his message and raising funds to independently publish his book. Readers can find the first three chapters, concept art, and more information about the campaign at or on Facebook at