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Emily Evans, owner of Charcuterie Utah, visited our set today to show us how to make Jarcuterie. These are individualized jars full of delicious foods that normally would be spread onto a charcuterie board. Due to COVID-19, Evans wanted to make her charcuterie individualized to keep with the distancing restrictions. It is an incredible idea for your next event!


-Mini mason jars


-Small filler item (pistachios, pomegranate seeds, craisins, or something similar)

-long cracker or breadstick 

-Any fruit (Emily used berries)

-Pre-sliced Salami

-Three different types of cheeses

-Rosemary sprig

-Chocolate Truffle

Assemble all of the items together in a small jar. It is as simple as that!

Find more of Evans’ recipes on her IG.

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