It’s the new social media craze – what lamp are you?

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  • It all started just days ago on Instagram and now it’s one of the most popular searches. You’ve heard of, What pet are you? What dog are you? Now, it’s What lamp are you? The creator has matched different lamps to different names and we think it’s just a darn fun way to pass the time during a pandemic!

Now while most people are delighted to find the animal, or object, that matches their personality, some don’t find the humor in it. The creator receives close to 75 submissions a day, and said that some people request to change the lamp they’re associated with, or request a particular photo, which she doesn’t appreciate. One girl requested that she would be a disco ball, to which she responded by naming a terrifying doll lamp after her instead. Overall, though, she says her messages are just full of people who want to see their names associated with something fun, and she finds joy in the ability to provide that for them.

Nicea DeGering
Nicea loves morning television in Utah! A self-proclaimed “night person,“ she has been getting up and hopping onto the Good Things Utah set for over a decade now.

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