It’s the anniversary of the attack on the Capitol and why you should stop making resolutions

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  • On the second hour of GTU this morning – We start with the anniversary of the attack on the Capitol. President Joe Biden on Thursday marked the first anniversary of the January 6 insurrection by forcefully calling out former President Donald Trump for attempting to undo American democracy, saying such an insurrection must never happen again. In a speech that lasted just under 30 minutes, Biden made a passionate case for defending the nation’s founding ideals from the threats posed by Trump and the violent mob that stormed the Capitol one year ago. The speech saw an animated Biden make one of the most passionate addresses of his still-young presidency as he harkened back to critical moments from the nation’s past and cast last year’s insurrection as a living symbol of the inflection point in American history he so often speaks about.
  • Plus, an Asian American news anchor is going viral after she shared a viewer’s complaint that she should “keep her Korean to herself” after mentioning that she eats dumpling soup to mark the new year. Michelle Li, who works for the NBC affiliate KSDK in St. Louis, Mo., mentioned that “a lot of Korean people” eat dumpling soup in a New Year’s Day segment featuring food traditions thought to bring luck, such as greens and black-eyed peas. In doing so, Li, who is of Korean descent and raised by white adoptive parents, drew the ire of one woman who accused her of being “very Asian.”
  • So why do some people think they can say rude things? They say if you want to really know a person’s character, watch how they treat someone who serves them. The waiter is there to help make the experience as best as possible for the customers, which is why it’s so important to treat them with respect. It’s their whole job to make you comfortable. The best indicator of someone’s character could easily be tied with how they treat and tip wait staff at restaurants. I’ve never known that sentiment to be anything other than the absolute truth. The person who treats a waiter like utter garbage is always a terrible human being when you pull back the curtain. The one who treats the waiter with patience, kindness, and respect — even if they screw up — is hiding nothing but a big heart. Tune in to hear more or click here:
  • Finally, I’m calling it: affirmations are the new New Year’s resolutions. They start the impending 365 days off on a positive note and keep us going without the added pressure of sustaining goals we might not meet in the long run. Of course, goal setting is still essential for growth – healthy, even – but from my track record alone, New Year’s resolutions specifically never come to fruition. Surae shares three ‘affirmations’ that will kick off your new year on the right foot! Hope you tune in for a Thursday edition of GTU Hour 2.

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