It’s Tax Day in May and are you a ‘geriatric millennial’?

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  • On Good Things Utah this Monday morning – The IRS extended this year’s tax deadline for individuals from April 15 to May 17, which means Monday is the final day to file for those of us who operate on last-minute time. That also extended tax-related deadlines that would normally fall on April 15, such as making contributions to 2020 retirement accounts, health savings accounts and education accounts. Complete details on which deadlines were extended can be found here. If you’re getting a refund, there’s no penalty for late filing. The IRS doesn’t punish people for waiting to collect their own money. Missing the deadline just means your refund will take longer. If you owe taxes, that’s a different story. Penalties and interest start building immediately. The IRS adds 5% of the unpaid tax bill to your tab for every month you fail to file and another 5% for every month you fail to pay. Both penalties max out at 25%. On top of that, interest builds daily.
  • Plus, are you on the job hunt? H&M just launched a new program that allows customers in the United States to rent suits for free for job interviews. The fast-fashion retailer announced its One/Second/Suit program that is geared toward helping anyone attending a job interview “make a powerful first impression.” You can rent a men’s suit at no cost for up to 24 hours if you return it in a prepaid return bag to one of the store’s dry-cleaning partners. The program started in the United Kingdom first and is now being tested in the US. It is running for a three-month period before H&M decides to move forward with a more long-term plan. The program is a part of H&M’s sustainability efforts as the retailer plans to use only recycled and sustainably sourced materials by 2030.
  • And it’s always been a bit confusing to figure out when Generation X ends and the millennial generation begins – and now a new cohort has emerged between the two groups that has folks in their mid-to-late 30s feeling, well, old. If you were born in the early 1980s, congratulations! You are now considered a geriatric millennial. Don’t believe me? Author Erica Dhawan, an expert on digital teamwork, published a recent Medium article explaining why “geriatric millennials,” which she defines as those born between 1980 and 1985, are so adept at knowing how to work across generational divides. Ali explains why this generation is so unique!
  • And at the end of the show, advice pop star Katy Perry would give to her younger self. And here’s a hint: it’s all about boys! Hope you join us for a busy Monday on GTU!

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