It’s November, time to put up the tree?

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  • On Good Things Utah this morning – Now that Halloween is out of the way, attention is starting to turn to the festive season which is only a matter of weeks away. Shops are already starting to fill with Christmas toys and gifts, while supermarkets are lining their shelves with all manner of seasonal delights for Christmas Day. While buying presents and stocking the cupboards with festive goodies are always high-up on the Christmas to-do list, deciding when to put the Christmas tree up is a task that often comes under much debate. For some, the Christmas tree won’t make its appearance until mid to late December, while others like to start decorating much earlier to make the most of the festivities. So when is the right time? Reagan is talking tradition!
  • Plus, Halloween is officially over and you know what that means: Mariah Carey is giving us all permission to start celebrating Christmas. In a video posted to social media Monday, we see three pumpkins spelling out “It’s not time.” Carey, wearing a red sparkly dress armed with a candy cane-striped baseball bat, then takes the bat and smashes the “not” pumpkin right as the clock strikes midnight on Nov. 1. Her holiday classic “All I Want for Christmas Is You” also starts to play to mark the beginning of the Christmas season. “It’s time!” she says, as the video cuts to her decked out in full-on Christmas mode.
  • But if you are still suffering from a Halloween hangover…and you think you overdid it a little on the bite-size bars and are feeling a bit crummy, these four things may help you feel better:
  1. Eat nourishing foods, and don’t restrict: If you feel like you binged on candy or overdid it on Halloween-inspired baked goods, it’s tempting to restrict all candy or restrict food in general “to make up for it.” Not eating after overeating is not recommended, and registered dietitian Dalina Soto, MA, LDN, who helps women end chronic dieting, said to “incorporate feel-good foods” that personally make you feel happy and energized and that are easy to digest.
  2. Drink more water: Make water consumption a priority the day after your Halloween festivities. Staying hydrated will help with your digestion and the bloating, Soto said, and can help increase your energy levels.
  • And at the end of the show – Let’s pretend it’s 2 p.m. for a moment, shall we? It doesn’t matter if you’re chugging along at work or running a few last-minute errands, you suddenly start to feel exhausted. You clocked eight good hours of sleep the night before, had your normal caffeine fix, and didn’t run a marathon today. So why are you ready to stop what you’re doing and take a nap? It’s called a mid-afternoon slump, and it’s a familiar occurrence for most people. “The mid-afternoon slump is common for many people and is due to our natural circadian rhythm,” explains Marvin Nixon, MS, NBC-HWC, certified health and wellness coach. We sleep walk into these Hot Topics and much more this morning on GTU Hour 1.

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