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Before you clean out your clutter and toss it in the trash, hang on just a minute and read on. Some of those items might be worth some serious cash! Here are just a few items you should check values for before you donate them and toss them out:

Pokémon, Beanie Babies and Polly Pockets- These original toys from the 90’s are making a serious comeback! Be sure to check the values online before you toss them! Rare Pokémon and Beanie Babies can sell for thousands of dollars! And even your Polly Pockets can be worth hundreds. If you’re checking your beanie babies, oftentimes the most valuable babies have spelling errors or very specific descriptions.

Pyrex dishes- Although Corningware dishes can be worth $30-70 each (and more valuable in a set) it’s Pyrex that can be worth some serious cash! Especially the “Lucky In Love” pattern. Earlier this year a casserole dish with the same pattern sold on Ebay for $6,700!

Boy Scout Badges- Ask grandpa if he has any badges from when he was younger. Decades old badges can be worth hundreds of dollars each!

Old typewriters- If you have a typewriter from the late 1800’s or early 1900’s it can be worth well over $1,000. Even items from the 1950’s on can be worth a couple hundred at least.

VHS tapes- Rummage through your old Disney collection for the “Black Diamond Edition” of VHS movies. They can be worth a lot. Somewhere in the thousands a lot!

Vinyl Records- Check for rare releases, labels or recalled cover art.

Once you find your treasures, try selling them on websites like eBay or collectors.

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