Is there a secret to happy marriages?

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  • On the second hour of GTU this morning – Here’s an interesting question, how do rock solid marriages last and last? In an interview years ago, tv anchor Jane Pauley asked family and relationship researcher John DeFrain, Ph.D., what he thought was the major cause of divorce in America. “Marriage” was his response. He wasn’t trying to be flippant (well, maybe a little), but rather, he was acknowledging the many obstacles to happy, long-term unions. Reagan has little things long term relationships do that help them stand the test of time.
  • Plus, parents listen up! It’s time for Target’s semi-annual car seat trade-in event. Starting on Monday, April 5, parents and caregivers can turn in used car seats to their local Target store and receive a coupon good for 20% off strollers, car seats and select baby items. That’s good news for kids about to outgrow their current car seat and for parents who are tired of looking at the juice stains and cracker crumbs covering their current one!
  • And finally, the funniest tweets of the week from parents who’ve been asked by their children, “where do babies come from?” It’s an age-old question kids pose to their parents. And yet it continues to catch grownups off-guard. Fortunately, it’s also rife with potential for humor!
  • And at the end of the show, how to raise teenagers. Nicea and Reagan weigh in on one of the toughest and most fun times in all of parenting. Tune in for their advice on what works AND what does not! Hope you join us for the second hour of GTU on a Tuesday morning.
Nicea DeGering
Nicea loves morning television in Utah! A self-proclaimed “night person,“ she has been getting up and hopping onto the Good Things Utah set for over a decade now.


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