Is it too early to put up the Christmas tree?

Good Things Utah
  • On Good Things Utah today – Can’t wait to put up the Christmas decorations? Don’t stress, health experts say it’s actually good for you. And singer Mariah Carey won’t mind – she declared it “Time for Christmas” on her social media over the weekend. Plus, actress Nicole Kidman shares secrets of her success this morning. And why singer Pink has “mom-guilt” about being on tour. Also, the birthday party nightmare that turned into something really special. We’ll share what happened next after no one showed up at a 12 year old’s party.
  • And do you have people that you follow on social media but you secretly “hate” them? You aren’t alone – psychologists say there is something about unhappily following strangers just to peek at their lives. And is the latest hair trend actually a face lift? Ali tries the “bun lift” live on the air!
  • And finally, tips to get your kids to cut back on all that screen time. We hope you join us this morning for a Monday edition of Good Things Utah!

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