Is it Love or Lust?

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Sometimes it is hard to decide if your relationship is filled with love or lust. With the right guidance, you can make smarter decisions about who you’re involving yourself with.

Kirk and Kim Duncan, with 3 Key Elements, have narrowed down what it takes to maintain a strong healthy connection.

They defined love as an emotional connection and lust as a physical attraction. They added that lust is about fantasy, it can be selfish and self-serving. Also, over time it weakens.

Love is about reality and stability. You learn to serve others and over time it becomes more meaningful. When you have a deep connection, it is important to pay attention to relationship mindfulness, emotional balance and meaningful connection.

The connection is a learning passage that will only progress through time. You’re learning to find that deep lasting love.

Kirk & Kim are holding a 3-day event called “Royalty & Romance.” This event will be held April 30-May 2 in Salt Lake City. Register at for more details.

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