EPHRAIM, Utah- (Good Things Utah) A lot of thought and creativity goes into baking. Abigail Everingham, owner, baker and cake decorator of “Sprinkles and Sweets” came in studio to share a bit more of her baking method called “intuitive cakes.”

Everingham was inspired by the idea because of her grandfather who baked cakes for each of the family members. She saw how special it made people feel and also felt appreciated and loved by the thought put into it as well as the fact her grandfather made the perfect cake tailored to her. Everingham gets a feel of her clients personally and wants to know their interests and flavors to create the perfect cake for them. During the process, she gains inspiration from them and forms it intuitively to help create the perfect cake to capture the recipients essecence.

There are trial and error and if it doesn’t feel right for that person, she will not give it to them and find them a cake that represents them. Everingham brought a stunning and impressive cake inspired by Easter and Spring to bring the season in full bloom. The cake has chocolate, edible glitter macarons and even Cadbury eggs to create a masterpiece. In addition to cakes, she offers lessons to help make these delicious creations. Get 10% off your cake today!