SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah- (Good Things Utah) So many people come to our country in search of the American Dream. Sometimes that feels like a “pipe dream”, but for Colin House that dream became a reality. House shares the details of his newest book, ‘Unstuck; Rethinking Risk & Reward’, a memoir about uprooting and moving to a new country to experience new opportunities. In addition to being an author, House is an expert in volleyball and was part of the first NCAA volleyball team at Brigham Young University.

Hailing from South Africa, House came to the US in search of a better life. The Beehive State seemed like the best fit for him, and it has served him well. While he has been successful and happy, it came at a price. After his mandatory service in the South African army, House and a close friend moved to the US after selling everything they had in order to afford their way to America. With only $1000 to their names, House and his friend rented a car and that is where they resided. Before moving to Utah, House and his friend drove across the Pacific Coast Highway and parked their car in Beverly Hills, Calif.

House, who is a CEO, says he owes his success to taking a chance. “The whole concept of the American Dream is alive and well,” said House said to take the risk. Without taking the risk, you cannot reap the reward and benefits. “The American Dream is opportunity. That’s the key. We live in a land of opportunity.” House advises viewers to take advantage of the opportunities we have here in this country. According to him, the American Dream does not necessarily mean extravagant wealth but rather the potential we all have and the opportunities that are available to us. For many other tips, purchase House’s new book on Amazon.