Camille Helmick, a special education teacher at Packaged With Care, spoke about the intricacies and wonders being done at their school. The mission, to give students the opportunity to obtain employment in the community, allows students to create products, market them and sell them in the community. 

To find the right products, the school brainstormed ideas of things that are wanted and needed in the community, but are also fun to make and things that students can make. 

Julia Lee, a student at Packaged With Care, spoke about products. Lee explains that her and her friends create necklaces, bracelets, candles and more to sell in the community. 

Helmick said that these are designed to be easy to give as gifts and perfect for the holidays. Each and every item is completely hand made by the students at Packaged With Care. People with disabilities can do anything they put their minds to, and the goal of Packaged With Care is to create an environment to inspire. 

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