Inspirational story of the underdog and the power of a good coach

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Thomas Morgan, director of the new movie Scrum, joined Nicea and Deena on the show to share a little back story behind how the film came to be. It is an inspirational story about the impact a good coach can have on the young lives of their players. 

Morgan told viewers that he originally went to North Carolina to help his friend film recruiting a video for his rugby team. However, he explained how touched he was watching the way this coach interacted with the players and realized there was much more going on than just rugby. 

He continued explaining how Frank, the coach, was the only African American coach at the school and was hired to be the coach of a program with little funding and support. He was recruiting just about anyone he could find, even if they didn’t have any rugby experience. In the movie, Coach Frank says, “I never cared about winning; what was more important to me was creating great young men”. Morgan adds that as a father, this is all you could want for your kids. 

Overall, it is a story of sacrifice and what it means to give up things for the success of others. Proceeds for purchases of the film go to help nonprofits whose missions align with the themes of SCRUM. Viewers can select which nonprofit they would like to support. Go to and put in the discount “Frank” for an additional $2 off your purchase. 

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