Allison Hong Merrill joined hour two of GTU to share how she turned her real life experiences and created an award winning book. Merrill is a Taiwanese immigrant and award-winning author who combines great narrative talents with her Chinese background to produce inspirational memoirs. Merrill was born and raised in Taiwan and moved to the United States as a university student at the age of twenty-two.

Merrill writes fiction and creative nonfiction in both Chinese and English. Ninety-Nine Fire Hoops, Merrills memoir, was published in September 2021 and has since won several literary awards. 

Ninety-Nine Fire Hoops is for anybody who has faced discrimination based on gender, race, or immigration status. Overall, it’s about a strong woman of color determined to create her own path in the world. 

If you or a friend is interested in Merrill’s book, visit the links below! 

Social Media Information

Website: Allison Hong Merrill 

Twitter: @xieshou

Instagram: @allison.hong.merrill

Book: Ninety-Nine Fire Hoops