Seven year old Cam inspired us today with his message that everyone’s own differences make them awesome, and that things that feel really hard are chances to get stronger. So you should love all the things that make you who you are, no matter what anyone else thinks.

Cam’s mother Tanya was going through his recent school work when she came across an inspiring note he’d written to himself, and immediately text her husband, Tyson. Right after she sent Tyson the picture, he had a meeting with the CEO, co-founders, and other leaders at work, and he started the meeting by showing Cam’s note as a way to say that they could all use a little more of this attitude. They loved the note and the message so much, that Tyson was inspired to share it on Reddit in a motivation section.

Tyson asked Cam if it was okay, and he posted it thinking that maybe a few people would read it and get a little uplift. But Cam’s note went viral, with people saying they wanted to put it on their wall or bathroom mirror!

Cam says, “I would tell people that want to feel the same good way that it’s okay if they feel like they are different or if they have different likes or style than other people. I think they are automatically cool for having their own style, and they don’t need to care what other people think, but if it helps them, they should know I think everyone’s own style in life makes them awesome too.” 

This awesome family lives by the motto, “work hard, be kind” and fittingly named their blog after it: