SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Good Things Utah) – Gotham Knights premiers tomorrow, March 14, on The CW. Misha Collins, who plays Harvey Dent in the new series, joined us live from New York to tell us all about it.

People loved Collins when he starred in the series Supernatural, and fans are excited to see him take on the new role. The series starts with the death of Batman in Gotham City when the Gotham Knights step in to fill the void that he left. When the group is framed for Batman’s murder, Gotham’s police department is on their tails. Collins plays the District Attorney who acts as a guide and mentor for the group of young vigilantes who must help them on the sly.

As someone who grew up loving the world of superheroes, Collins was eager to play this role. He has looked up to Tommy Lee Jones, who played the role of Harvey Dent before him, and knew he had big shoes to fill. Between all the excitement and the nerves, Collins says he really enjoyed his experience with Gotham Knights.

Unlike in previous Batman movies, a series allows for a longer storyline which gives us a closer look into each of the characters and what makes them who they are. Collins is excited for fans to get this new perspective of the characters they know and love. Watch the series premiere for yourself tomorrow at 9 PM on Utah’s CW30. Plus, join the conversation about Gotham Knights on Twitter with the hashtag #CWGothamKnights and mention @TheCW_GothamK and @michacollins.