Kids often complain because they do not realize that other people are less fortunate and fail to understand the hard work and struggle that goes into providing a healthy life for them. Today on GTU we talk with Kashia Palmer about how we can include our kids in acts of service that increase their gratitude as well as their altruism.

Palmer says sometimes as parents we can have a perfectionist mindset and want to do everything ourselves, but it can be beneficial to let go of the need for control and let kids do more in these service activities. It is important for kids to not just watch their parents engage in these service opportunities, but also participate.

Some great things parents can include their kids in are baking and bringing meals to people, wrapping gifts during the holiday season, making cards, and donating to organizations in need. Palmer has three little girls and while her youngest may be a little harder to get involved, her oldest has begun to acknowledge whenever they bake they bake two: one for the family and one to give to someone else. If kids grow up in an environment of service it can become something they will pass on to their friends or their own family.

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