NORTH SALT LAKE, Utah –(Good Things Utah) Founder of 10 Minutes Together, Alisa Van Langeveld, Ph.D always has the best tips to make storytelling to the kiddos more engrossing for them. Sharing our stories to them is crucial so they can learn to share their stories with others. She also shares the best ways to tell our stories and make them come to life for the kids in our everyday lives.

When she appeared last month in December, Van Langeveld shared the importance of sharing stories from when we were our children’s ages so they can relate and find it easier to share their perspectives and eventually share their history. “These are not the kind of stories where you are talking about unicorns and fairy tales,” said Van Langeveld. “These are everyday descriptions of our lives that become our children’s memories.” Van Langeveld shares also why it is important to share their everyday stories.

Van Langeveld says that sharing stories in the present tense will change your child’s brain and shares the emotion of experiences of everyday life. She also suggests that this can help children process emotions better and have a better way of understanding. The format is split into three parts; beginning, middle and end. The beginning should create a familiar intro and the child speaking as the narrator. The middle includes following the timeline of the day when sharing the story. It is a good idea to ask questions and let them pause to appropriately describe their emotions. You should end with an ending you can use and reuse that reframes the situation and focuses on resilience.