SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Brad Evans, inventor of Jukestir, joined us on the show to share the benefits this unique punching bag can have on coordination and growth.

He shared about how our brains anticipate the future. We are constantly comparing everything we see with the past in order to respond. Jukestir never moves the same way twice making it impossible to anticipate. So, your brain changes and puts a premium on what you see right now (not past events). Your brain responds by building new connections called synapses. This allows for your brain to process and respond to information faster. The result, you are able to move at the speed of thought.

They are currently running an early black Friday sale where you can get the Jukestir punching bag for $99 and they’ll add in a free jump rope. Visit and follow along on Instagram @jukestirfit