Kristin Sokol, Dating Relationship Coach talks dating in the digital age, and how to improve your digital body language (dbl) just in time for cuffing season. We loved her tips, follow along below!

  • Make sure your DBL is helping, not hurting you.
    • Poor DBL is:
      • Using lame photos
      • Using too many filters 
      • Under texting someone
      • Over texting someone
      • Taking too long to reply
      • Being too prompt

Up your DBL by updating your photos: 

  • Get some great “Plandids” (Planned Candids) for the season. 
  • Photos are 95 percent of the game. If you have “meh” photos, you’re going to attract “meh” applicants.
    • Must have pics:
      • Upper body shot (I use portrait setting)
      • Full body shot
        • Don’t use filters. The cat is out of the bag. We can tell. It looks like you have something to hide. This is a DBL killer.  
      • One shot with friends (where YOU are clearly the star of the photo). 
    • Illustrate your life
      • Use photos that will attract the person you want to meet.  Don’t just use the one photo where you looked good from 2014.
        • Show yourself with: Pickleball paddle, cycling, in your CosPlay outfit, with a book, In the movie theater. 

Maximize the impact of your question prompts

  • People DO read these IF your photos are good. 
  • This is your chance to engage your person in a conversation. 
  • Make them tight and impactful. Every character has a job to do.
    • Example 1
      • Pickleball Finatic. Where do you play? I’m up for anything in the sunshine. 
    • Example 2
      • Indoorsy. Yes to an evening on the couch with popcorn and a scary movie. What should we watch? 

Use AI tools to help you create

  • Chat GPT can improve your content creation.
    •  It’s like having a Harvard educated personal assistant who can create killer written content for you. 
    • Put something like this into the chat box:
      • Can you make this dating app question prompt better? Make it under 200 characters, make the tone friendly and ask a question.
        • It spits out in seconds something better than any of us can write.
    • If you don’t know your next move, try asking Chat GPT. Its cheaper than hiring me. 
  • KeysAI It’s an app that’s romance focused.
    • It will analyze a profile and give you options of clever things you can say.
      • Pros:
        • You can sound as clever and funny as you want with very little effort. 
        • You don’t have to be alone in analyzing these profiles. 
      • Cons:
        • You have to give it full access to everything your keyboard has ever typed. 

Kristin wraps up with recommended reading. Books She says are not to be skipped include

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