There’s no greater bond than the bond between father and daughter.  Rob Sirstins came to Good Things Utah with daughter, Amari, age 10 to talk about the importance of a father and daughter relationship. Sirstions, a motivational speaker, is the founder of Warrior Work. 

Sirstins said he didn’t always have a strong bond with his daughter. Shortly after Amari was born, Sirstins and her mother separated when she was six months old. “It was during a very tumultuous time for me. I was in my deep deep dark depression.” said Sirstins. He says while he loved his daughter and never did anything to hurt her, he was projecting self loathing and depression on Amari. Through his healing journey, he saw how this impacted his daughter. Sirstins wants fathers to know the importance of your energy and how it can affect your household. “Be very aware of how you’re broadcasting and portraying yourself as a father, as a man, as a son and especially the relationship we have with our daughter, the most precious thing we can have in this world.” said Sirstins. 

Amani feels very strongly about her relationship with her father. “It’s great, actually, because I know I can trust him and he can trust me,” the ten year old said. “We’re just a good team. He’s always my cheerleader.” Proud dad, Sirstins, said how grateful he is to see the confidence and growth and how it is important to be a parent instead of a friend. 

Parenting a child through divorce has its challenges and can be hard to navigate, especially if you don’t see eye to eye with your co-parent/ex-spouse. Sirstins and his ex-wife have found a great way to remain civil and do what’s best for Amani.  “The first few years were a little rocky but now we co-parent very well. We’ll do family things together with all the step-children and all the parents together,” said Sirstins. “It’s really important because it’s not about us. It’s about the kids and as long as they’re aware and see that we can co-parent and still be friends, [it] changes their dynamic entirely.” Sirstins says dads need to be aware of the trauma that you’re still carrying. If the trauma isn’t resolved, it can be passed down to your child. It’s important to be the best version of yourself possible to be the best dad possible. 

Sirstins suggests self-healing and addressing the hard stuff so you can enjoy the fun stuff. Sirstins and his daughter have so much fun together. Many of their activities include going on hikes and spending time together is what makes their bond grow stronger. 

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