Immersive theatre experience for your next date night

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SONDERimmersive Artistic Director, Graham Brown, stopped by the set to talk about The Chocolatier, a multi-room dance-theatre experience, in a limited run of shows through Halloween.

The Chocolatier is a dance theatre with a talented cast made up of people trained in dance and theatre. There also is delicious chocolate that each group gets to consume before they enter the performance.

Brown showed an example to Reagan of what makes the show immersive and how the audience can see some of their own decisions come to life during the show. Brown says a crucial part of the immersive experience show is that you have a choice of who to follow and what you want to experience. Your first decision will impact the beginning and end of your show, but the critical part in the middle will be the same regardless of your decision. Brown says audiences are saying, “They have never experienced anything like it.”

The show runs through Halloween. 9 p.m. shows the next two Fridays and one showing on Halloween at Lila Studio in Sugarhouse, Utah.

To get tickets to the immersive show, visit the SONDERimmersive website. For more information, check out the SONDERimmsersive Instagram and Facebook as well.

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