UTAH COUNTY, Utah- (Good Things Utah) Grab your Seventeen Magazine from the 90s and bring back those ’90s looks! Can’t find it? Have no fear! Heather Nitta, renowned makeup artists is here! Nitta has you covered for all funky and fancy makeup looks from yesteryear.

A Saturday morning back in the ’90s for many of us started with a bowl of Frosted Flakes and morning cartoons. Along with our tips, those weren’t the only things frosted. Our makeup was also! Frosted lip colors like pinks, lavenders and nudes were a must along with those thin eyebrows, something many of us deeply regret today.

While our eyebrows weren’t our finest hour that day, our eyelids were stopping cars. Nitta demonstrated how to get the classic look on GTU producer, Savvy Jardine. Nitta says when doing this, choose lavender, light blues, and shimmer white with a medium fluffy brush. Sweeping across the entire lid beginning with the lightest on lid near lash line, darkest shade in the crease and then medium up to brows and brow bone is what creates the look. It creates an open look. The key is a good shimmery shadow. “Shimmers are really forgiving,” said Nitta. “It’s more about the technique.” Taking the shadow up to the browbone also helps. Tightline with black or white. This looks will be a favorite for people of all ages!