Hurry! Try this delicious low-fat frozen treat before they close shop

Good Things Utah

There’s nothing better than a frozen treat on a hot day! With Utah hitting record high temperatures all summer long, a cold sweet treat may be all you need to cool off. Frozen treats are all delicious in their own right, but gelati might be the best we’ve ever tasted.

The word “gelati” is simply the plural of gelato, although it sounds much fancier. It’s also considered its own dessert. The delicious mixture of Italian ice (a sweetened dairy- and egg-free fruit-based dessert) and custard resembles that perfect balance between sweet, tart, rich, and creamy. The layered dessert pops with color just like your favorite fruit (a scoop of each dessert). Others are blended together, but overall gelati is a lighter, fruitier frozen treat than ice cream and gelato.

One of Karie Anne’s masterful creations.

Karie Anne’s Italian Ice and Custard is only open for a maximum of six months and has the best cup of chilled-silky-goodness you can find in Utah. Their unique desserts combine refreshing Italian ice with innovative flavors of frozen custard, creating a myriad of excitement in your mouth.  There are endless flavor combinations that make every trip to Karie Anne’s trailer a new experience.

This bustling dessert trailer with locations in Pocatello and Rexburg, Idaho, and in Logan, Utah serves up traditional favorites like chocolate and vanilla but has seasonal and weekly specials to get you coming back for more.

As Karie Anne says, “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy Gelatis…..And that is sort of the same thing.

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