Human Trafficking Awareness Month and words from a survivor

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January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month, and we had an inspirational survivor on set today. Cathy Hoffman was joined by Miyo Strong from The Elizabeth Smart Foundation. The two women are passionate about fighting the fight against human trafficking.

Hoffman shared that she was abducted at 19 and trafficked across state lines for 2 1/2 months in captivity. She is part of the small percentage of people who are able to escape. She has since connected with Miyo and the Elizabeth Smart Foundation and has completed the Smart Defense Course.

Smart Defense was incredible healing because it gave her the power to fight back and take care of herself if something was to ever happen again, Hoffman explained. This is the true mission behind the course, Miyo bears witness to the growth and transformation that happens through Smart Defense.

The course prepared Hoffman to fight off an attacker at a gas station. In a moment of defending yourself, the course provides individuals with the tools to protect themselves. When comparing the two experiences, Hoffman felt she was in control of the second attack.

Hoffman expressed her gratitude to Miyo and for the program. The Malouf Foundation™ and Elizabeth Smart Foundation™ have partnered together to fight against human trafficking. There are several things community members can do during the month of January. Funds raised will directly benefit human trafficking survivors. You can also visit to attend classes to prevent human trafficking.

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