PARK CITY, Utah (Good Things Utah) – Walk a day in your pet’s paws and imagine eating the same meal every single day. Drool is a healthy dog treat company based in Park City, Utah. Owner and co-owner Kris Johnson and Sadie Gabler joined us in the studio with some smiley fur friends. They hope to teach viewers how to improve their dog’s health by incorporating real food into their routine.

Johnson and Gabler want to show pet owners how easy it can be to spice up their dog’s kibble. They mentioned things as simple as drizzling a little bit of olive oil over their dog food which provides healthy fats for your pet. The ladies mentioned that a good rule of thumb is; if it’s healthy for you, it is probable good for your pet (excluding things like onions and grapes). Some other ingredients that are great additions to kibble are cottage cheese, meet, and eggs.

In addition to education tools, Drool also offers a variety of products that are easily purchased at their website online. Here you can find hand crafted dog biscuits and other all natural products for your pets.

Instagram: @droolmore