SALT LAKE CITY, UT – (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Is your family life frenzied? Kim Christenson, writer of Talk Wordy to me, has the solution. Her family after a few stressful years wanted a way to de-stress. She decided to take her family on a 5-week sabbatical to Florida. This trip was inspired by her childhood memories of living in Australia. She got to experience different cultures and a different way of life and that’s what she wanted for her kids.  

While they were on the “gap month” trip she noticed the family grew closer. The kids became better friends so even though there is still fighting they are better friends. She thinks this happened because they didn’t have their normal friends to hang out with, so they were stuck together. The closeness grown on the trip has stayed with them at home as well.  

If you want to do this with your family, she has some tips that will help you. These tips also help with regular trips. They will help you get more out of the experience.  

  • Set intentions for your experience 
    Write down your hopes and goals for your time away, however simple. Although we can’t control everything that happens on an adventure (nor do we want to), we can be thoughtful about the way we show up in it. 
  • Journal while you’re there 
    While you’re on your trip, write down the details of your experience. Not for social media or anyone else—just for you. Write not only events that happen, but the internal nature of them and how they made you feel. If you’re with kids, encourage them to do the same.   
  • Ground yourself in memorable moments 
    When you’re standing in a moment you never want to forget, connect to all of your senses. This will help you feel the experience more deeply and recall it more readily. 
  • Gather meaningful mementos 
  • Take thoughtful pictures and videos then do something with them beyond posting to social media. Compile them in an album or video and return them to your home to remind you of those peaceful moments. You might also find a small memento of your trip and put it in a place where you’ll see it every day to help you access the joy that experience brought.   
  • Reflect when you return 
    Write down the things you want to carry from your experience into your life moving forward.  

She wrote an article about the experience you can find here. She is planning on writing a book about it as well. For more from Kim checkout her social media and website.