How the body’s cells can prevent the need for surgery

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Stem cell therapy is one of the most successful procedures ever for solving joint pain. Your own body’s cells are injected back into the area where healing is needed: back, neck, hip, shoulder, etc. The new cells signal to body the need for regeneration, which starts to take place.

The treatment is a one-and-done injection, no surgery. Regenerative Medicine of Utah successfully treats many with stem cell therapy. One patient, John Dunn, was scheduled for knee replacement because of bone on bone pain. Before surgery he received an injection. Three months later and regenerated tissue was found in his knee joint. Six months later his knee was even better than that.

In just four weeks John was out of pain, but the body wasn’t done healing. The cells continue signaling to the body the need for healing. It’s usual to allow 12 months for the regeneration process to complete and reach it’s limit.

Making sure you’re a candidate is important. Not everyone needs it. Many patients that end up being a candidate initially thought they weren’t eligible. To know if you’re a candidate schedule a consultation.

Right now, at Regenerative Medicine of Utah an evaluation is $49 for the first 25 callers to (800) 453-0286.

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