How you can stay in a Hallmark movie and where to travel in 2022

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  • On Good Things Utah this morning – Hallmark Christmas movies are one of the ultimate aesthetic comforts of wintertime. Between the classic tropes, the wholesome plot lines, and the set pieces that make the holiday season feel faultlessly magical, these movies are vessels for good feelings. Club Wyndham wanted to bring that feeling to life and created three Hallmark-themed timeshare suites to do so. Starting on November 1, you will be able to book a stay at a Hallmark-themed suite in New York, Tennessee, or Colorado. All of the rooms are inspired by the channel’s Countdown to Christmas and were styled by the Hallmark Channel’s head of design. All three rooms will be a little different, though, giving a different Christmas feel in each.
  • Plus, the medals for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing are finally here, and like the designs that have come before them, they’re extraordinarily meaningful. Each gold, silver, and bronze medal features a slightly concave, ringed design that honors both Olympic and Chinese history. According to the organizers, the medals’ design is based on the ancient jade concentric circle pendants that are so symbolic in Chinese culture. Each medal features five concentric circles on the front, representing the Olympic rings. Officially, the design has been named “Tong Xin,” or “together as one,” which reflects the theme of the Games: “Together For a Shared Future.”
  • And Lonely Planet’s “Best in Travel 2022” guidebook is out and media across the globe have taken notice — particularly outlets based where their home region, country or community is featured among the top 10 places to visit. Here are the top five hottest regions:

Top 5 Regions

  1. Westfjords, Iceland
  2. West Virginia, USA
  3. Xishuangbanna, China
  4. Kent’s Heritage Coast, U.K.
  5. Puerto Rico, USA
  • At the end of the show – Sometimes, when we talk to our canine companions, they tilt their heads adorably to one side. Although a dog’s quizzical head cock might suggest incredulity or confusion, the gesture could actually be a sign of concentration and increased attention, according to a study published last week. Researchers investigated how well 40 dogs of various breeds could memorize the names for different toys, then recall that information in order to retrieve specific toys in response to their owners’ commands. Most of the pups weren’t able to learn the toy names, but seven border collies showed remarkable aptitude for the task. The scientists deemed that group “gifted word learners”, and found that the seven collies had something in common: They all tilted their heads far more frequently than their non-gifted counterparts after hearing a command. We dive into all things pets and more Hot Topics today on the first hour of GTU.

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