How Ultratooth’s dramatic improvements make dental implants much easier

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With the invention of Ultratooth, pain is now being replaced with a painless smile. Dr. Sargon Lazarof, inventor of the Ultratooth, and Utah Dentist Dan Dansie, have joined to bring this tooth implant to Utah.

Ultratooth is the first FDA cleared device that can replace the tooth in full function. The implants can be done in one day or in a matter of hours. Customers can leave the same day with a brand-new tooth.

Traditional teeth implants are usually a set of dentures that are screwed onto the jaw with four screws. This requires that any healthy teeth be taken out as well. It also sometimes requires partial jawbone removal to make room for the dentures. Patients then often spend time and money bring the gum and structure back.

Ultratooth replaces only the tooth. Once set in place, it expands, locks itself, and then is capped with a portion that matches the teeth. Because it only replaces the tooth, it maintains the gum and bone, preventing future surgeries and maintenance that are usually required later on down the road with the older versions of implants.

Dr. Dan Dansie, who has already opened an Ultratooth in Los Angeles, has been using the Ultratooth since 1994. His experience and work with Dr. Lazarof has now resulted in the opportunity to open the first clinic outside of Los Angles here in Utah.

The Ultratooth implant is very new and affordable option. It saves time and money only requiring one appointment and eliminating the back and forth missing work sometimes needed at the dentist.

Dr. Dan is offering for the first 50 people who call 801-430-9995 a $500-off offer with a free consultation. You can also visit online at to schedule an appointment OR enter to win a free Ultratooth!

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