Start off the new year with a positive mindset! Todd Sylvester is a powerful Mindset Coach, here to share some tips that will help you start 2022 on a good note!

Sylvester believes that our New Years Resolution should be simple: Wake up in a good mood. If we wake up feeling cranky or caught up in our selfish problems, our definition of success is off. He explains that we are what we repeatedly do. He shared 4 foundational principles of living a good life that will help us wake up in a good mood, especially if we are struggling. These are:

A. Be honest – kills bad behavior.
B. Have Integrity / Do the right thing when no one is looking.
C. Be Accountable – Suffering stops.
D. Help someone- If you want to be…Give it away.

Todd hosts a Beliefcast / Podcast where he features people who are doing great things and helping others find love, peace, joy, and overcoming difficult situations in their lives. You can listen at and follow him on Instagram @tsinspires for uplifting messages. Or book Todd for a speaking event through his website.