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Meg Bentley was here with an awesome display, and the most fun pictures to tell us how to throw the ultimate virtual party just like she does!

She tells us COVID turned a lot of worlds upside down. It’s affected jobs, our livelihood, but one thing it’s put a major wedge in is our relationships, our healthy social life and human interaction. Meg and her husband have always looked forward to dressing up in crazy costumes for Halloween or special parties! Sadly so much has been canceled. But celebrating the big and small moments this year doesn’t have to be one of those things. Especially Halloween. It can be as great as any other year but it will take extra creativity and effort!

Where to start? 

•Step 1: THEME & platform 

You and whoever will be attending have to plan a theme that everyone will love and enjoy. One of the last parties Meg hosted was “Iconic couples”, where she and her husband went as Sandy and Danny from Grease.

Another virtual bridal shower Meg helped plan, she dressed up as Marilyn Monroe and her baby was Joe DiMaggio.

Just because you can’t go out physically doesn’t mean you still can’t go all out for your parties and get all done up! 

Platforms to throw your virtual party:


Google hangouts



Facebook chat video

On Zoom, you can have up to 40 minutes with 100 guests! 


You can screen record your video 

So it’s kind of like having a personal videographer for free! 

Encourage people to get familiar with whatever platform you will be using, and to minimize tech difficulties host a small tech help party before the actual party or hop on early and help those that need it before it starts!

*optional tips*

Facebook event: will remind your guest of when the party will be and you can RSVP more easily!

Send out cute invitations: send separately a event schedule so your guest know exactly when to expect the next activity, or just be a really good MC and surprise them as you go! 

Meg’s favorite app to use for this is called (Canva), where you can custom design your invites. And for those interested, she’ll be doing a tutorial on her Instagram stories tomorrow on how she created these invites and virtual backgrounds!


•Step 2:

The possibilities are endless with this one!

If you are hosting a party that you want to be more formal and entertain your guests you could reach out to one of your friends or families that you would like to be a guest performer for your party: they could sing, play an instrument, do stand up comedy etc. this is a fun way to add the element of surprise and provide a memorable experience. 

You could have someone teach a tutorial or dance class of some kind. Any style of dance or activity. Watch a YouTube tutorial to learn an easy dance, and join in with a group of friends as well via zoom or FaceTime! 

Karaoke party: simply play a instrumental version of your song, and everyone joins in singing together. If the video lags, it actually makes it all the more funny. 

Craft night party where you all make something together while you make incredible memories.

Cooking class

Have a family member give a presentation or teach a skill. 

Pamper night/ spa night 

The parties don’t always have to be big and grand they can be intimate, and personal with a close group of friends.


Always tailor the party to the needs of your group. Make it personal, relatable and the more effort the bigger the hit it will be! 

Food & Games

•Step 3

Themed foods 

Seasonal munchies

Be as creative and yummy with this!


Jack box games is an interactive online website that you can play with any group of people anywhere. This is a great one for families and kids birthday parties.

More ideas:

Virtual scavenger hunts



Riddles to solve 

Online Challenges/trends 


Step 4:

NON expensive backgrounds you can DIY. 

Virtual backgrounds you can edit yourself

You could hand up a photo background, blanket or stand behind any solid color wall. Even something as simple as wrapping paper.

Examples (display last picture) 

Step 5:

Don’t forget to take a group picture!

The best way is to piece photos together in a a collage so it appears as though you are all together. 

You can also screen shot the ZOOM or FaceTime pictures! 

IG: @Megzyb1010

YouTube: Eggs With Meg 

Deena Manzanares
Deena Marie Manzanares is a Utah native, but lived in NYC for a few years while attending the Atlantic Theater Company Acting School. Locally, she has worked as a professional actor for years in both stage and film.

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