How to tell the difference between a virus and a bacterial illness

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When your child gets sick, it can be hard to know if it’s just the sniffles, or something more serious. Now more than ever, parents want to know how they can tell the difference between a viral, and bacterial illness. Nurse practitioner Cami Kesler says symptoms can be similar, such as fevers, coughs, headaches, difficulty sleeping, upset stomach, and even pain and discomfort.

“If you have a child who is five years of age or younger, and those symptoms come on fast, it’s a sure sign you should be calling your healthcare provider, and your child may need a visit,” Cami tells us. Parents are often alarmed at the first sign of mucus, but it’s actually a good sign that the immune system is working, and fighting the infection! Antibiotics won’t be needed, and if you see those green boogers, remember that “green means almost went.”

Cami went on to debunk myths about antibiotics, and explain why they may or may not be prescribed. Knowledge is power, and her “pediatric pearls” are solid gold! Follow her on Instagram for more tips at Cami Kesler.

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