It is no secret that technology has changed the way we connect with the world around us. A large part of this connection comes from the variety of social media platforms that are available. In today’s society, social media platforms are an integrated part of youths’ daily lives. Although it is extremely challenging to keep your children off of these apps, there are things that you can do to ensure safe social scrolling. We sat down with Hillary Beecher, Miss Panoramaland, as she walked us through a few tips to teach kids how to navigate the online world.

Beecher discussed the Social Impact Initiative, which aims to educate and inform people of all ages about the negative side of social media use. Through different programs, it teaches children how to “Stay Safe While Social Scrolling”. The first program that Beecher spoke about is the Google Interland Game/Curriculum. This platform includes lessons and games to teach internet safety to kids. Another resource that parents can use is the Common Sense Media – Digital Literacy Curriculum. This provides educational resources for parents and educators to teach kids from ages K-12 about digital literacy. The final option Beecher speaks about is Gabb Wireless. This Utah-based tech company sells safe phones which limit access to the internet, games, and social media. Use the code HILLARYBEECHER for a discount on your next Gabb Wireless purchase.

Follow Beecher as she competes in the upcoming Miss Utah 2022 competition from June 7-11th at Capitol Theater.

Instagram: @hillarybeecher @misspanoramaland.ut